About CoST Sekondi Takoradi

CoST Sekondi-Takoradi is a local chapter of CoST International working at the subnational level to implement transparency and accountability reforms within the infrastructure sector using CoST’s core features of Disclosure, Assurance, Multi-stakeholder working and Social Accountability

The Twin-City of Sekondi-Takoradi applied for CoST membership in 2018, and in doing so demonstrated the synergy between CoST and Open Government Partnership (OGP) commitments. Enhancing transparency and accountability in the delivery of public infrastructure is one of the core pillars of STMA’s Second OGP Local Action Plan, including publishing project information, developing citizen monitoring mechanisms, and adopting the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard (CoST IDS)

On 13 March 2019 STMA’s CoST membership was announced as part of Open Government Week, during which advocates around the world showcase their commitment to open and transparent government.

Both government and non-government actors attended the event including 15 local and national media outlets. A number of high-level speakers were in attendance, including Hon. Anthony Kobina Kurentsir and the OGP Multi-Stakeholder Forum Co-Chair, Victoria Araba Dennis.

CoST Sekondi-Takoradi chapter is currently working with 8 Procuring Entities (local governments) in the Western Region of Ghana.

Some of key milestones include;

  • Establishment of a -member tripartite Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) drawn from government, the private sector and civil society formed in 2019 who lead, plan and dialogue with key stakeholders to build trust and ensure transparency and accountability in the delivery of public infrastructure
  • Stakeholders such as the local government, private sector, civil society organisations, media and the citizens have been introduced to CoST core features. It is envisaged that the four core features of CoST; Disclosure, Assurance, Multi-stakeholder Working and Social Accountability will help to transform infrastructure delivery in Sekondi-Takoradi for better value and improve citizens lives. In this case, social accountability will play a key role in achieving this vision
  • Published 2 Assurance Reports on 13 projects. The CoST assurance process helps stakeholders understand the data disclosed on specific infrastructure projects in the disclosure process. The process is carried out by an independent assurance team who highlight the accuracy and completeness of data so that key issues can be put into the public domain and are easily accessible
  • Developed a five-year Strategic Plan 2020-2025.
  • Development of Online Disclosure Portal/Data Disclosure Platform (on-going) to publish data relating to public infrastructure projects to enhance transparency and accountability and ensure value for money in the delivery of public infrastructure through increasing access to project data to the general public using the Infrastructure Data Standard
  • Conducting Scoping Studies to establish how transparency and accountability can be improved in the delivery of public infrastructure in Ghana
  • Formation of 8 CoST District Citizens’ Monitoring Teams to follow-up on Assurance recommendations and conduct independent social audit of infrastructure projects